About HASK

     Developed by Piotr Pezik at the University of Lodz, HASK collocation dictionaries are essentially phraseological databases meant to be used by linguists, language teachers, lexicographers, language materials developers, translators and other language professionals and casual dictionary users. Please cite this paper in publications using HASK for the BNC: Pezik, Piotr. Graph-Based Analysis of Collocational Profiles. In Phraseologie Im Wörterbuch Und Korpus (Phraseology in Dictionaries and Corpora), edited by Vida Jesenšek and Peter Grzybek, 227–43. ZORA 97. Maribor, Bielsko‑Biała, Budapest, Kansas, Praha: Filozofska fakuteta, 2014. .


     HASK Collocation Browser gives you instant access to lists of word combinations found in reference corpora of English and Polish. You can use the Browser to find potential collocates of any noun, verb, adjective or adverb in a number of predefined patterns. In addition to detailed statistics it is also possible to browse through the underlying concordances, visualise and download phraseological profiles for a given entry.


     On closer inspection, most words which we might think to be synonymous turn out to be used in different textual combinations.
     Colosaurus is an innovative tool for comparing the textual company words keep. Using graph-based visualisations Colosarus makes it possible to quickly investigate which typical collocates are shared by a number of words of interest. Users can download and re-model the word graphs generated. It is also possible to check the original concordances used to generate a given edge in the graph.